Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Judge Jeff Horn's Award Picks

Jeff Horn is a very talented artist. He has chosen his three picks. I wish I had a video of him muttering around the gallery as he looked at all this beautiful work.

The awards are for $1000, $750 and $500 in that order.

1st Place
Andrew Bolam "Early Start" $950

Jeff's Comments
In the digital jpeg form his painting was not near as impressive as it was to me in person. I will remember that when viewing paintings on line in the future. The real thing is tonal gem. I was also drawn to the work for the beauty of it’s abstract design.

2nd Place
Kevin Courter "Dusk and the Crescent Moon" SOLD

Jeff's Comments
The mood evoked in this painting kept calling me back. A painting that takes the viewer there, is my definition of a successful painting.
3rd Place
Carol Marine "Abandoned" SOLD

Jeff's Comments
The economy of means with which this truck was painted required that I give this work an award. Every stroke is simple and direct. It appears to have been painted with ease and correctly the first time. Nothing is overworked.


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