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6" Squared Exhibition and Sale - Spring 2011

6" Squared Exhibition and Sale - Spring 2011


The Randy Higbee Gallery is hosting the second 6" Squared Exhibition and Sale. Once again, we will bring Nationally acclaimed traditional representational artists to a spectacular venue in Orange County, California. A Gala Artists' Reception will be held Saturday, April 16. The show will run through May 6th. Artists are invited to submit up to 10 paintings measuring 6x6 in. in size. The gallery will hang a maximum of four pieces per artist but we will except extras to fill in where there are sales. Entry deadline is March 21 and notifications will go out March 24.


The gallery will work on a 60/40 split with 60% going to the artist. The gallery will have the option to give an additional 15% discount to its base of art resellers, artists purchasing artists and clients who make multiple purchases. This 15% discount will be shared by artist/gallery.


We are very fortunate (confirmed) to have Jean Stern, Director of the Irvine Museum and Jeff Horn, Professor Emeritus of Drawing and Painting from Irvine Valley College as our final judges. Gallery owner Randy Higbee will be the third judge and jury.


Open to all artists painting in traditional, representational work in traditional media.

Format and Media

This is a 6"x6" show. It is not a miniature show. If you have a 6x7, be sure to trim that extra inch off your piece before you send it to us! All traditional media (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, etc.) will be accepted. Jewelry, sculpture, etc. will not be accepted for this show.

Digital Submission

To submit visit www.Onlinejuriedshows.com

Go to www.Onlinejuriedshows.com/help.aspx for image format specifications and tips on photographing and prepping your work.


All frames must be purchased from kingofframe.com or at the Randy Higbee Gallery showroom. I will have a full page handout to justify this policy for those who would like it. We will supply 6x6 frames that go straight in (not float mount) to artists out of Southern California. There will be a $5.00 fee for this service. If the piece is sold, the wholesale price of the frame from the kingofframe website will be deducted from the sale price of the painting. If it is not sold, the piece will be removed from the frame and the art returned to the artist.

If you are doing pastel or watercolor, we are happy to use your glass and spacers or we can provide them at the wholesale cost.

Please call us toll free at 800-506-7624 if you have any questions.

Entry and Fee Application

There is a $40 entry fee for 3 pieces. Each additional piece is a $8.00 charge. You may enter a maximum of 10 paintings.

Notifications will start going out early March. Final notifications of acceptance will go out Thursday, March 24. Instructions for shipping work will be included with the acceptance email. It will be the artists obligation to get the artwork shipped to the gallery in a timely fashion. Please have all accepted work delivered to the gallery no later than Friday, April 1st. The artist is responsible for submitted work to be available for purchase and at a reasonable price. The artist is responsible for providing shipping labels for return of work after the show. Insurance is the responsibility of the artist.

Prizes and Awards

There will be 12 - $500 awards

There will be 25 - $100 awards

The awards will be 50% cash and 50% credit for frames at the kingofframe.com website

If you sell two pieces, you are eligible for the $500 award but you are not eligible for the $100 Honorable Mention. Selling two pieces should be award enough and we are trying to spread the $$$ around a little I hope you understand.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Floater Frames now on kingofframe.com

Examples are up on our website of our floater frames and they are available for purchase on kingofframe.com.

Our floater frames are custom cut to expose the full painted panel with a small (approx. 1/8" ) black reveal separating the frame from the edge of the artwork. In doing this, every bit of the small image is displayed with nothing being lost underneath the lip of the frame. This makes a very dramatic difference when dealing with panels 8x10 or smaller. These are custom cut frames so we can make these in any size. Although we can make them in any size, due to larger panels bending and warping, we do not recommend these in sizes larger than 12x16.

Here are some examples of this framing technique:

Randy on Artists Helping Artists Radio Show

This morning Randy was on Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry's radio show Artists Helping Artists. Check out their blog and listen to the radio show.

"Taking the Art World By Storm"
Join hosts Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry as they highlight ways to sell your art. On today's show our guest Randy Higbee, owner of Randy Higbee Gallery and kingofframe.com, shares with us how he created the now infamous 6" Squared Art Exhibition and promoted it via facebook.

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