Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gallery Awards

These are the gallery awards for our 6 Inch Squared Show

Let me explain. I was too dysfunctional to get the ballots out so my very knowledgeable and capable staff (and I) made the choice.

These awards are $500 each.

Michael Godrey "Vroosh" $1,200

The title captures the feeling but you would have to see this work of art in person to grasp a sense of the emotion, movement, light and detail that Michael captures in this 6x6 panel. If this does not sell, it is going home with me. Magnificent!

David Teter "Vincent Thomas Bridge #1" SOLD

David's haunting image is dramatically powerful, a true tribute to a Long Beach monument.

Frank Gardner "Mexican Horseman" SOLD

Paint five more, please. The vivid color and strong shadows create a festive mood as you feel the warm Mexican light and hear the sound of the parade.
Terry Mirua "House on Horizon" SOLD

Less is indeed more. Terry's confident style is appreciated by every artist. These deft brush strokes in an almost unfinished panel lay a road map down for fellow artists to follow.

Scott Fitzgerald "California" $750

Scott's infinite attention to fine detail combined with a life time of studying the Masters made his works a standout in a very competitive field of artists.


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