Thursday, January 6, 2011

Floater Frames now on

Examples are up on our website of our floater frames and they are available for purchase on

Our floater frames are custom cut to expose the full painted panel with a small (approx. 1/8" ) black reveal separating the frame from the edge of the artwork. In doing this, every bit of the small image is displayed with nothing being lost underneath the lip of the frame. This makes a very dramatic difference when dealing with panels 8x10 or smaller. These are custom cut frames so we can make these in any size. Although we can make them in any size, due to larger panels bending and warping, we do not recommend these in sizes larger than 12x16.

Here are some examples of this framing technique:


Amanda's Paint Blog

Thank you for having a blog Randy. It's great for us non-facebook users. Looking forward to another great show from your gallery! -Amanda Fish

Steve PP

I love these frames, Randy. Great look!

Mary Sheehan Winn

These are GREAT for the 6x6's which need all of the surface to show.

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